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Body Armor and Self Defense

Complete Level IV Tactical Vest
The Complete Level IV Tactical Vest is specially designed to meet global needs for a dual-functioning carrier which incorporates the contoured shape of a concealable vest which can also be worn externally as a tactical vest. This extremely versatile body armor system offers optimum adjustability with instant rifle protection by inserting hard armor plates (Level IV) in the front and back, easy ..
Flashlight-Shaped Net Shooter
The Flashlight-Shaped Net Shooter is the ideal non-lethal weapon for police and security professionals. Easily trap any target in a 16 square meter (19 square yard) net from up to 20 meters (22 yards) away. While most net guns on the market are powered by gunpowder, this newly designed state-of-the-art model relies on much safer compressed CO2 gas cartridges. Therefore, this net shooter can be ..
Alternating Current Multifunction Electroshock Gun
This is the most advanced and unique non-lethal electroshock defense weapon designed to stun and incapacitate a targeted subject from a distance without causing serious physical injury or death. The Alternating Current Multifunction Electroshock Gun (Stun Gun) was introduced as a non-lethal weapon to be used by police to subdue fleeing, belligerent, aggressive, or potentially dangerous subjects..
Gas Injection Knife
The Gas Injection Knife is a multi-shot gas injection weapon capable of injecting a frozen burst of compressed gas approximately, the size of a basketball, at 800 psi nearly instantly with just a push of a button. It is devastating to any living creature and will disable some of the world’s largest mammals (predators) in a single stab. This easy-to-use, easy-to-reload weapon delivers up to a 24..
Unbreakable Self-Defense Umbrella
The Unbreakable Self-Defense Umbrella is a device that serves as an umbrella, walking stick or cane, and self-defense tool that whacks just as strong as a steel pipe while weighing only about 700 g. It is used around the globe by private citizens as well as bodyguards and other security personnel. It is carried, for instance, by the Presidential Security Group (PSG) of the Philippines’ Presiden..
Steel Knuckle Gloves
The Steel Knuckle Gloves (SAP Gloves) are high-quality leather gloves with 8oz. of steel shot sewn into the knuckle area of each glove. Superior to that of powdered lead, the innocuous looking Steel Knuckle Gloves pack a serious punch, and will stun and subdue the violator in their tracks. Increase your striking power in hand to hand combat situations and take down your target with efficiency a..
Self-Defense Cap
The Self-Defense Cap (SAP Cap) is an effective weapon that can be used as a blackjack or sap but looks like an ordinary baseball cap. Just use the bill as the handle and the cap as an impact weapon. The secret of the Self-Defense Cap is the pocket of a unique impact material that is 110% the density of lead and will not rust. Law enforcement and military personnel will concur that having the el..
Self-Defense Spike
The Self Defense Spike is an effective defense tool and control device. The aircraft grade aluminum body with type 3 hard anodizing gives this pen-shaped spike a very tough and reliable construction. This ergonomically designed weapon is reliable and fits easily and discretely in one’s hand. ..
Self Defense Pen/PDA Stylus
The Self Defense Pen/PDA Stylus is an effective defense tool and control device as well as writing pen. The aircraft grade aluminum body with type 3 hard anodizing gives this pen a very tough and reliable construction. Not only is the Self Defense Pen/PDA Stylus designed to be used as a defense tool and writing instrument but also as a PDA stylus. ..