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EDA Electrode Cable

Product Code: 76643SO

Generally, the EDA Electrode Cable, model 76643SO, is supplied with the Lafayette EDA Cable with Snap Reusable Electrodes, model 76640SP, and the Disposable EDA Electrodes, model 76640SO. It can be purchased separately as well. On one end the 1/4" plug of the model 76643SO connects to the Data Acquisition System (DAS) Interface. The opposite end of the cable is bifurcated into two cable branches both ending with a snap connector. The two snap connectors snap to either the two stainless steel EDA finger plates or the two Ag/AgCl EDA disposable snap electrodes, depending on the EDA electrode used by the polygraph examiner.

  • 0.25" (0.635 cm) plug
  • Color: Black
  • Two (2) snap connectors

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