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Finger Cuff for LX5000-S and LX4000-S

Product Code: 76535A-5
This lightweight and portable polygraph finger cuff was designed to improve the examinee’s comfort during a polygraph examination by creating less pressure. The cuff can be used as an alternative to the standard arm cuff, such as the Kovacic Arm Cuff, for measuring arterial blood pressure. The finger cuff produces high quality, highly stable tracings.
Unlike the standard arm cuff (primarily wrapped around a left arm), this easy-to-wear and easy-to-use cuff can be wrapped around any finger of any hand. Also, unlike the standard arm cuff, the 76535A-5 does not need to be taken off between charts to allow the subject’s arm to rest. The cuff is made of the same high quality material as Lafayette Instrument Company's standard arm cuff. It is used with LX5000-S and LX4000-S computerized polygraphs.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Improves examinees’ comfort
  • Produces high-quality, stable tracings
  • High quality materials
  • Color: Medium blue
  • Material: Dacron polyester fabric

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