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Acoustic Hailing Device

Product Code: AA76827
Acoustic Hailing Device Acoustic Hailing Device
The AA76827 customizable Acoustic Hailing Device is an ideal sound reinforcement solution. With 156 dB of forceful acoustics, operators have the ability to issue clear, authoritative verbal commands and cut through high background noise environments (such as airplanes, helicopters, sirens, vehicles, and boisterous crowds) to ensure unmistakable commands. Piercing alert tones are heard loudly and clearly.
A powerful built-in alert tone projects an attention-getting, high frequency warning which enhances military and security personnel’s response. This non-lethal deterrent tone can be as loud as 156 dB and is highly irritating. It can be compared to a water cannon, but with sound.
The unique equipment bay can be easily configured with an optional video camera, search light, or laser/dazzler, and mission-critical sensors to give security personnel additional time and valuable information to evaluate a potential threat. With the equipment bay located in the center of the Acoustic Hailing Device, model AA76827, optional sensors are inherently centered in the middle of the acoustic wave, minimizing calibration and maintenance time.
With an acoustic footprint of 2000 meters and a narrow acoustic beam of +/-5°, clear, intelligible and authoritative commands are broadcast to intended targets with industry leading clarity.

  • Military Security
  • Maritime and Port Security
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Law Enforcement
  • Oil and Gas Platforms
  • Airports and Runways
  • Commercial Shipping
  • Yacht and Cruise Line Security

  • Hostage Negotiations
  • Crowd Control
  • Crisis Management
  • Search and Rescue
  • Issuing Felony Warrants
  • Serving Warrants to Methamphetamine Labs
  • Lost Child
  • Mass Evacuation
  • Mass Notification (e.g. sports events, natural disasters)
  • Traffic Stops
  • Incident Perimeter (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear)
  • Humanitarian Relief
  • Maritime Interdiction Operations
  • Fire Rescue

  • Shipboard protection from pirates and terrorists (private yachts, cruise lines, commercial vessels, Navy ships)
  • Perimeter/infrastructure protection for oil and gas platforms, mining operations, and chemical/nuclear/power plants
  • Perimeter security for private properties of wealthy individuals
  • Crowd control for public safety agencies (police, SWAT teams, etc).
  • Counter sniper mission support (use the warning tone to drive suspects from buildings)
  • Airborne warning and notification from helicopters to people on the ground
  • Long range communication for public safety agencies (police, SWAT teams, etc).
  • Commercial/government/military site security
  • Port security
  • Search and rescue for harbor/port police
  • Coastal surveillance for harbor/port police
  • Enforcement of exclusion zones by the military
  • Critical infrastructure protection by the military
  • Military and police psychological operations 
  • Military traffic and access control points
  • Military interdiction operations
  • Military checkpoint operations
  • Military detainee operations
  • Border security
  • Disaster areas - effective for vocal communication at great distances
  • Transmitting bird distress calls to repel targeted birds from crops, buildings, airports, and wind farms
The technology behind the Acoustic Hailing Device was developed to support the protection and exclusion zones around U.S. Navy warships following the October 12, 2000 small-boat terrorist attack on the USS Cole off the coast of Yemen killing 17 sailors and causing $240 million in structural damage to the $1 billion ship. Acoustic Hailing Devices are currently used around the world on sea (military, private and commercial vessels), on ground (tanks, armored vehicles, military/police vehicles, structures), and in the air (helicopters).

  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Army
  • Police Departments Worldwide
  • SWAT Teams
  • Cruise Lines
  • Private Companies
  • Universities
  • National Guard

  • Soft Cover, model AA76827-SC
  • Transit Case, model AA76827-TC
  • Maritime Cover, model AA76827-MC
  • Record/Play Microphone, model AA76900
  • HyperCart, model AA76901
  • MP3 Kit with Waterproof Case and Cable, model AA76902
  • HS - File Player, model AA76903
  • Tripod: Light Duty, model AA76904
  • Tripod: Heavy Duty, model AA76905
  • Trailer Hitch Mount, model AA76906
  • Swing Arm Mount, model AA76907
  • Ship Rail Clamp (Aluminum), model AA76908
  • Ship Rail Clamp (Stainless Steel), model AA76909
  • Interconnect Cable Assembly - Playback Device, model AA76910
  • Microphone CB Style with Cable and Connector, model AA76911
  • 3 Meter Replacement AC Power Cord, model AA76912
  • 6 Meter Replacement AC Power Cord, model AA76913
  • Searchlight and Installation Kit, model AA76914
  • Remote Operations Controller, model AA76915
  • BlueColt T3000 Flashlight, model AA76916
  • Picatinny Mount for the BlueColt T3000 Flashlight, model AA76917

  • 156 dB SPL peak acoustic output
  • Long range: 2000 meters
  • Narrow acoustic beam: +/-5°
  • Wide Frequency Range: 245 Hz - 10 kHz, optimized for human voice
  • STI 0.96 out of 1.0
  • Pan and tilt capable
  • Built in high frequency alert tone
  • Self-contained electronics
  • Compact carbon fiber construction

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