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Product Code: 2712-SYNC
Our synchronization (SYNC) accessory bundles a handful of tools to meet your multidevice and third-party device synchronization needs. All the parts connect to the digital port (marked with the left/right arrow on the casing). The Digital Sync Cable (DSC), LED, and switch can all be interchangeably connected to the digital port individually (e.g. imagine that you just need to use the switch, that can be connected directly to the digital port; the same goes for the LED and DSC).
A 3-port breakout adapter enables one to connect the DSC, LED, and switch at the same time if needed (e.g. if you want to use the LED together with the switch, or any other combination of the three).
The DSC is useful when multiple biosignalsplux hubs are used simultaneously, to have a way of synchronizing them.
The switch is useful to manually introduce annotations synchronised with the biosignal data.
The LED is useful to introduce a marking in a video, to help remove the time offset introduced by starting the video and biosignal recording at different time instants (a few seconds/milliseconds apart).


  • Digital port breakout cable
  • Interchangeable accessories
  • Up to 11 possible combinations
  • Small form factor
  • Raw data output
  • Easy-to-use

  • Synchronization with a video camera
  • Manual event annotation
  • Multi-device synchronization

  • Ports: 3 in/out
  • Sensors: Momentary switch
  • Actuators: LED; Digital sync cable

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