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Unbreakable Self-Defense Umbrella

Product Code: AA84115
The Unbreakable Self-Defense Umbrella is a device that serves as an umbrella, walking stick or cane, and self-defense tool that whacks just as strong as a steel pipe while weighing only about 700 g. It is used around the globe by private citizens as well as bodyguards and other security personnel. It is carried, for instance, by the Presidential Security Group (PSG) of the Philippines’ President.
The Unbreakable Self-Defense Umbrella has no unusual parts, no more metal than an average umbrella. It does not arouse suspicion and can be carried legally everywhere where any weapons are prohibited. Unlike a walking stick it does not cause strange looks if carried by an able-bodied person, and it does protect from rain. Anyone who can use a stick for defense can use this umbrella. If you know how to swing a baseball bat or strike with a sturdy stick, you know all you need to know regarding operating the Unbreakable Self-Defense Umbrella. If you practice such martial arts as hapkido, jodo, kendo, kali, escrima, le baton or la canne, and if you practice with Chinese or Indian weapons, then you know even more, and can truly appreciate this unbreakable umbrella.
The Unbreakable Self-Defense Umbrellas are handcrafted in limited quantities in Europe from highest quality materials. This umbrella performs in rain and wind just like the highest quality umbrellas. Each umbrella comes with a fabric sleeve/sheath. Select an unbreakable umbrella with your preferred handle - wide crook handle made of ABS (artificial composite material), model AA84115, or straight wood knob handle, model AA84115-1.
In order to get reassured in the highest quality and capability of the Unbreakable Self-Defense Umbrella, place it between two chairs and stand in this “bridge”. Then, take the umbrella and use it to hit as hard as you can a punching bag. You will be amazed with the impact generated by this weapon and even more impressed when the umbrella will readily open with the push of a button.
Umbrella with a Wide Crook Handle, model AA84115
Umbrella with a Straight Wood Knob Handle, model AA84115-1

  • Length (straight wood knob handle): 33.37 in (847 mm)
  • Weight (straight wood knob handle): 1 lb 8.8 oz (705 g)
  • Length (wide crooked handle): 35 in (889 mm)
  • Weight (wide crooked handle): 1 lb 13 oz (822 g)
  • Open Diameter: 43 in / 1092 mm
  • Composite material (wide crooked handle): ABS
  • Ribs: Steel
  • Legal to carry everywhere
  • Never raises suspicions

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