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Become a Dealer

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Argo-A Security dealer. Argo-A Security is focused on the growth and expansion of our global dealer network and is proactively seeking dealers to represent our product line.
Requirements for becoming an Argo-A Security dealer:
  • Prospective dealer must be financially sound 
  • Prospective dealer must have the commitment and resources necessary to market and represent our products to a rapidly expanding and diverse customer population 
  • Prospective dealer must have a great reputation for customer service in their area 
  • Prospective dealer must have adequate sales and marketing experience
Please submit an e-mail telling us about yourself, your company, your proposed objectives for selling and marketing Argo-A Security products, the territory you wish to cover, and provide us with your contact information and a link to your website. Your inquiry will be reviewed by the appropriate staff as promptly as possible. Argo-A Security may contact you for additional information and follow-up conversations. You will receive a response e-mail from us stating the outcome of the review. If your credentials and location meet our selection criteria, you will be contacted by Argo-A Security to engage in further discussion about your application.
Consistent with our privacy policy, information that you provide will only be used to assess your inquiry and will not be shared with any third party without your consent.