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Cellular Phone, GSM and 3G Detector

Product Code: AA72132
The Cellular Phone, GSM and 3G Detector is designed to detect and locate transmissions from cellular mobile phone based devices including cellular phones, vehicle trackers, GSM listening devices (bugs) and the latest covert wireless 3G cameras. It can be used in sensitive meeting rooms to check for hidden GSM bugs and 3G wireless cameras, unauthorized cellular phone usage in offices, hospitals or prisons and in vehicles to locate hidden tracking devices.
The Cellular Phone, GSM and 3G Detector will detect signals from GSM900, GSM1800 and 3G (UMTS2100) devices whilst filtering out all other ambient signals to ensure that only GSM/3G based devices are detected to prevent false alarms. The internal ultra-high gain amplifiers ensure that signals can be detected from up to 10 meters (30 feet) away.
The built in signal strength meter (with optional audio beep tone) enables the precise source of the signal to be located with ease. The band of the detected signal is also displayed to help confirm the cellular network and device type. The Burst Detect function ensures short bursts such as those from trackers or SMS (text) messages will not be unnoticed.
A 10-LED bargraph display indicates signal strength along with an audio tone, enabling the user to pin point the signal source precisely. If the user wishes to check for devices without alerting others the Cellular Phone, GSM and 3G Detector can be set to silent vibrate mode. If any signals are detected the unit will pulse vibrate silently, allowing the user to keep it concealed in a jacket pocket, for example.
The Cellular Phone, GSM and 3G Detector features a Digital Burst detector to ensure that short transmission bursts from trackers and other GSM/3G based devices are still detected. It will alert the user if a device has transmitted within the vicinity even for just a fraction of a second. The Cellular Phone, GSM and 3G Detector is supplied with a tuned multiband antenna and also features a DC power socket for applications of long term use.

  • Detects GSM900, GSM1800 and 3G(UMTS2100) devices
  • Ultra Sensitive - Detects signals from up to 10 meters
  • Filters all other ambient RF signals to avoid false alarms
  • 10 LED bargraph display
  • Detected Band LED to help identify device/network type
  • Burst Detect for Tracker/SMS(Text)detection
  • Silent Vibrate mode
  • DC Power Socket for long term use
  • Semi rigid tuned antenna
  • General Specifications:
  • Antenna Type: Multi-Band Whip
  • Signal Strength: 10 LED bar-graph
  • Power Supply: 9V PP3 battery
  • External: 9-12V DC @ 200mA
  • Dimensions: 97 x 58 x 22 mm
  • Weight: 150 g

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