Activity Sensor Feet Pads

Product Code: 76879F
Activity Sensor Feet Pads Activity Sensor Feet Pads Activity Sensor Feet Pads

The Activity Sensor Feet Pads are utilized with Lafayette Instrument Company's computerized polygraphs LX4000-SW and LX5000-SW and are constructed to detect subtle, as well as gross movements of feet and toes of the subject during a polygraph examination. The sensors are placed on the floor and the examinee's feet set upon them. By providing a graphic record of subject movement, the Activity Sensor Feet Pads allow the polygraph examiner to concentrate on administering the polygraph exam instead of trying to observe the subject's movement.

  • Color: Black
  • Power Requirements: Receives all required power through USB connection
  • Warranty: One (1) year
  • Detects subtle and gross movements of feet and toes

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