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Record/Play Microphone

Product Code: AA76900
Common hand-held microphones, when used with loud acoustic hailing devices or public address systems, frequently cause feedback to occur when a live microphone is placed too close to the speaker. Potential equipment damage and temporary hearing loss can occur. To overcome these problems, many audio systems will purposely reduce the volume, consequently reducing the communication range.
The innovative Record/Play Microphone, model AA76900, raises the bar for operator safety and long communication range. With a straightforward push of a button, a message is recorded in the microphone. The large button in the middle of the microphone triggers the playback of the custom message through the acoustic hailing device without feedback and at maximum volume.
Additionally, the typical "live mic" function is available for traditional applications. With the new Record/Play Microphone, our acoustic hailing systems outperform the competition while protecting personnel.

  • RECORD - up to a 60 second message is recorded while the easily identified, white Record button is depressed.
  • PLAY - located in the center of the microphone, the over-sized Play button will broadcast the custom message to the acoustic hailing device when depressed. To repeat the same message, press the button again.
  • LIVE MIC PTT - with the button depressed, the Live Mic PTT will immediately broadcast the user's voice, without being recorded, for traditional applications.

  • Records messages up to 60 seconds
  • Traditional Live Mic PTT functionality
  • Over-sized PLAY button for easy activation
  • Lightweight at 8.0 ounces (226.8 grams)
  • Compatible with all our acoustic hailing systems
  • MIL STD 810
  • IP56 rated
  • Three AAA alkaline batteries
  • Low battery indicator

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