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Water Soluble Purge Dams

Product Code: AA97200
Water Soluble Purge Dams
Our pre-formed, self-adhesive Water Soluble Purge Dams enable welders to save time on weld preparation as well as improve project timeliness. Since Water Soluble Purge Dams are pre-formed, there is no need to measure, cut or construct a purge dam. There is no need to buy separate inventories of paper and tape or carry heavy rolls and tools to the job site. The welder simply peels, inserts and presses the dam in place. Setup and installation time is completed in minutes, making Water Soluble Purge Dams the most efficient and economical purge dams available.

Even for the world’s largest water soluble purge dam 84” (2133 mm), installation is just minutes.

In just three simple steps, your purge dam is complete:
  1. Peel liner to expose adhesive.
  2. Insert purge dam inside pipe.
  3. Press tape along circumference to inside of pipe wall.
The illustration is a large bore pipe, 24" in diameter.
The illustration is a small bore pipe, 6" in diameter.

Moisten an ordinary sponge in water. Lightly dab sponge along the water soluble tape portion of the dam to increase dam adhesion and ensure zero air permeability.  Be sure the sponge is wrung out before applying; excess water in the sponge will cause the dam to dissolve.


If the water-soluble tape becomes dry, lightly moisten the tape with a dampened cloth or foam brush. The adhesive will be reactivated instantaneously.



Pipe Size Recommended Distance
English Metric English Metric
2" - 8" 51 - 203 mm 6" 152 mm
10" - 22" 254 - 559 mm 8" 203 mm
24" - 36" 610 - 914 mm 12" 305 mm
40"+ 1 m+ 24" 610 mm

Water Soluble Purge Dams are made of water soluble paper and tape - sodium carboxy methyl cellulose and wooden pulp that dissolve instantaneously and completely in most liquids. Many of the smaller sizes of Water Soluble Purge Dams feature water soluble paper in the 60-weight thickness to ensure increased strength in the purge dam. To further improve impermeability and increase the number of cleaner, purer welds, the larger sizes of Water Soluble Purge Dams contain multiple layers of water soluble paper combined with other water soluble polymeric composites and laminates crisscrossed in a deliberate manner to provide both a substantive body and maximize gas retention. This design provides increased structural strength as well as tensile strength enabling large volumetric areas of gas to be retained in the dammed area.

To facilitate easy insertion, the side walls of Water Soluble Purge Dams are tapered to different pipe schedules. Additionally, all Water Soluble Purge Dams come with a generous portion of water soluble tape pre-installed in sections to allow for care-free alignment and tacking.
Water Soluble Purge Dams come in a variety of sizes from 2" to 36" in diameter, the most commonly used sizes on most project sites. Custom sizes up to 84" are available. Water Soluble Purge Dams are uniquely engineered with an angle to fit most pipe schedules. To efficiently place a water soluble purge dam in pipe, simply fold edge in slightly and tape sides if necessary. Water Soluble Tape can then be dampened with a cloth to maximize adherence to the pipe.
Non-Adhesive Water Soluble Purge Dams
Model Pipe Diameter Case Pack
English Metric
AA97200-EZP-0.50 1/2" 13 mm 1000
AA97200-EZP-0.75 3/4" 19 mm 1000
AA97200-EZP-1.00 1" 25 mm 1000
AA97200-EZP-1.25 1 1/4" 32 mm 1000
AA97200-EZP-1.50 1 1/2" 38 mm 1000
AA97200-EZP-2.00 2" 51 mm 1000
AA97200-EZP-2.50 2 1/2" 63 mm 1000
AA97200-EZP-3.00 3" 76 mm 1000
Pre-Formed, Self Adhesive Water Soluble Purge Dams
Model Pipe Diameter Case pack
English Metric
AA97200-EZP-2 2" 51 mm 192
AA97200-EZP-2.5 2 1/2" 63 mm 192
AA97200-EZP-3 3" 76 mm 192
AA97200-EZP-4 4" 102 mm 48
AA97200-EZP-5 5" 127 mm 48
AA97200-EZP-6 6" 152 mm 48
AA97200-EZP-8 8" 203 mm 48
AA97200-EZP-10 10" 254 mm 48
AA97200-EZP-12 12" 305 mm 48
AA97200-EZP-14 14" 356 mm 24
AA97200-EZP-16 16" 406 mm 24
AA97200-EZP-18 18" 457 mm 24
AA97200-EZP-20 20" 508 mm 24
AA97200-EZP-22 22" 559 mm 24
AA97200-EZP-24 24" 610 mm 24
AA97200-EZP-26 26" 660 mm 24
AA97200-EZP-28 28" 711 mm 24
AA97200-EZP-30 30" 762 mm 24
AA97200-EZP-32 32" 813 mm 24
AA97200-EZP-36 36" 914 mm 24
AA97200-EZP-40 40" 1016 mm 10
AA97200-EZP-42 42" 1067 mm 10
AA97200-EZP-44 44" 1118 mm 10
AA97200-EZP-48 48" 1219 mm 10
AA97200-EZP-52 52" 1321 mm 10
AA97200-EZP-56 56" 1422 mm 10
AA97200-EZP-60 60" 1524 mm 10
AA97200-EZP-64 64" 1626 mm 10
AA97200-EZP-72 72" 1829 mm 10
AA97200-EZP-84 84" 2134 mm 10



  • Save Precious Labor Hours: Water Soluble Purge Dam is the most efficient and economical purge dam alternative available because the dam can immediately be placed in the pipe.
  • Improve Project Timeliness: Precious labor hours are not unnecessarily used gathering supplies, measuring, cutting or constructing a dam.  The dam dissolves instantly upon contact with water. Time and labor are no longer needed to remove inflatable bladders, especially in inaccessible pipe areas.
  • Save on Inventory Purchases: Since Water Soluble Purge Dams include both water soluble paper and tape, there is no need to buy separate inventories of sheets or rolls.
  • Save Gas: Conventional purge dams such as inflatable rubber bladders, rubber gaskets, or cardboard discs traditionally must be placed far from the weld zone. Remote placement of the purge dams may require large amounts of pure gas to be introduced to fully displace the oxygen in the weld zone, making the use of conventional purge dams cost prohibitive. Our water-soluble paper and tape and Water Soluble Purge Dams can be placed in close proximity to the weld zone, thereby using less inert gas.
  • Ease of Use: Because Water Soluble Purge Dams are ready to use, the welder only needs to peel, insert, and press. In less than one minute the purge dam is created.
  • Ease of Removal: Water Soluble Purge Dams can be effortlessly dissolved and flushed out of the system with water or steam leaving no residue in the pipeline.
  • Variety of Sizes: Water Soluble Purge Dams are available in a variety of sizes from 2" to 84" in diameter, designed to fit various pipe schedules enabling you to find the size needed for any project. Custom sizes available upon request.

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