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Product Code: 2710-FSR
Force (FSR) Sensor Force (FSR) Sensor Force (FSR) Sensor Force (FSR) Sensor
The Force Sensor is a very thin sensor that is capable of measuring the force applied to it. The sensing area of the sensor can be round or square and the sensor can be calibrated to respond with more or less sensibility to the loads that are applied. The range of the Force Sensor can go from 0 to 450 kg, depending on the model. We offer four different pressure sensors.
From reaction time measurement to load distribution in shoe insoles, our thin film force sensors offer uncompromised performance in the most demanding applications. The low profile membrane and miniaturized signal conditioning circuitry are ideal for minimally intrusive setups. Multiple sensing area dimensions and measurement ranges are available.

  • FSR technology
  • Force measurement
  • Pressure detection
  • Trigger through contact

  • Biomechanics
  • Pressure distribution studies
  • Studies of infer critical pressure points in human body
  • Observing pressure in daily tasks
  • Observing pressure in specific tasks
  • Man-machine interfaces

  • Range: up to 150Kg
  • Response Time: <1.2ms
  • Repeatability: ~±2.5% (of full scale)
  • Drift: <7%

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