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Secret Service Microheadset

Product Code: AA79126
The Secret Service Microheadset is an invisible two-way communication headset; the smallest wireless headset in the world. Finally released to the public, the secret-service-grade invisible headset is the ultimate communications tool for extreme covert communications operations. It is ideal for security guards, businessmen, actors, magicians, musicians, military and law enforcement personnel. The micro-sized earbud is smaller than a hearing aid and fits snugly and securely in the ear canal. A small invisible thread allows for safe removal after use. The wireless transmission is completely silent and automatically picked up by the earbud from the transmission necklace. The Secret Service Microheadset features superb sound clarity offering a superior quality for speech applications and even listening to music.
All you need is a cell phone and an assistant, and just listen to the audio from the earbud which can be wirelessly attached to a cell phone or any device with an audio output jack. Right before any event, put the micro spy earpiece in your ear and wear the transmitter coil necklace around your neck, under your clothes and within a few feet from the micro earbud.
Make a call from your cell phone and your assistant should be on the other end of the phone, talking to you with whatever information you need. You will be able to instantly provide dates, names, numbers, instructions, stock quotes or any relevant information from your assistant. You will be a human encyclopedia, without anyone ever knowing how you do it.

  • Micro-receiver earbud
  • Transmitter induction coil necklace with microphone
  • Extra batteries
  • Output Power: 105 dB
  • Distortion: 5%
  • Operation Time (battery life): 24 hours
  • Frequencies: 120-8500 Hz
  • Weight: 1 g
  • Material: Durable skin-colored acrylic resin

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