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Activity Sensor Arm Pads

Product Code: 76879A
Activity Sensor Arm Pads

The Activity Sensor Arm Pads' design and functionality are based on the same concept as the Activity Sensor Pad, model 76879S. The arm pads are utilized with Lafayette Instrument Company’s computerized polygraphs LX4000-S, LX5000-S, and LX6-S, and are constructed to detect subtle as well as gross movements of shoulders, forearms, and hands of the subject during a polygraph examination. The sensors, in pouch form, are placed on the chair arms and the subject's arms rest upon them. By providing a graphic record of subject movement, the Activity Sensor Arm Pads allow the polygraph examiner to concentrate on administering the polygraph exam instead of trying to observe the subject's movement.

  • Activity Sensor Arm Pads for LX4000, model 76879A
  • Activity Sensor Arm Pads for LX5000, model 76879A-5
  • Activity Sensor Arm Pads for LX6, model 76879A-6

  • Color: Black
  • Power Requirements: Receives all required power through USB connection
  • Warranty: One (1) year
  • Detects subtle and gross movements of shoulder, forearms, and hands

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